There is a process to be followed when you want the branch to spend money. It starts by filling out this requisition form. Complete the form to the best of your ability. Contact the President or the Secretary for help.

The President or the Secretary may contact you to gather additional information, such as estimates or invoices. Your requisition will then be entered into our expenditure process.

Be prepared to give a short statement, either to the President or the Secretary (or in some cases the Executive Committee) as to why you wish to make the expenditure. The Secretary will check with the Treasurer to see if there is any money left in the budget; if there is not, the Executive Committee will be consulted before your requisition is approved.

The Executive Committee needs to approve any requisitions that are more than $100. Do not break your requisition into pieces (meal: $90; tax & tip:$27) to avoid the limit.

Once your requisition has been approved, the President and Secretary will sign it. Only then can you go forth and spend. When you have the receipt (or invoice, if this is a prepayment), come back to the Secretary who will attach it to your Requisition and give it to the President and Treasurer for their signatures. Then these officers will FINALLY write you a check. 

The last step in the process is that the Secretary will file your Requisition away for posterity. There your expense will be, enshrined in some little folder, for future generations to gaze upon.

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